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About Us

Artificial Intelligence for Events and Conferences

About EventusAI

A Little About EventusAI

Our organization began over 10 years ago as an event technology consulting group.


Our team brings together decades of event tech experience ranging from registration solutions, mobile apps, content tools, meetings management, database, APIs, custom development, BI, RFID, BLE, AR/VR, and so much more.


We consult our clients on their event tech stack by helping them align the right solutions to their event goals and objectives.


Our team is versed in architecting and configuring scores of solutions including: Cvent, RainFocus, RegOnline, Certain, eTouches, Fonteva, EventBase, CrowdCompass, QuickMobile, Jiffle, Lanyon, Eloqua, Hadoop, Salesforce, and others.


Because of our intimate knowledge of these and other partner solutions, we are able to apply our expertise towards ensuring that the data flows properly and works to the benefit of the event organizer and attendee.


Artificial Intelligence solutions rely heavily on a sound understand of various data sources and how they interact.  Through the use of EventusAI's proprietary machine learning tools, we have changed the way that attendees interact with events via lead retrieval, registration, content schedule, attendee networking solutions and more.


We also develop custom Artificial Intelligence powered solutions for both events and retail clients.